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man trimming a treeGreen Grass Hawaii can provide tree trimming services to your yard in Oahu. Did you ever notice how the same tree can have different shapes? That is because the trees will grow “however they feel like” if they don’t have any guidance. Most of the time that will turn out weird and unappealing. Moreover, they may produce a lot more “mess” which makes it more time consuming to clean. Think of it as a man’s beard. With a good cut you can get it to look beautiful and clean. Same for your yard.

Is Tree Trimming all about Aesthetics?

Definitely not. “undisciplined” trees may get into your neighbors’ yard and can create several problems. A big one is encroachment. It can also make your neighbor angry because now he has to clean the mess that your tree creates in his yard. Worse, it can damage walls and roofs. By keeping your trees trimmed on a regular basis you avoid all these problems while enjoying your garden and what it can produce for you.

What about Safety?

Trees can be dangerous. Don’t let a tree grow toward electric lines. Some trees may have dead branches and you may only notice it when they fall. That is often too late as dead branches can fall on your neighbors, any passersby, parked cars… Did you know that in those cases you are legally liable for the costs associated with the damages? If you don’t have a regular landscaping maintenance, please check your trees once in a while. If you ever spot a dead branch on your trees, please call us as quickly as possible for deadwooding to avoid further damages and stressful situations like above.

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If your trees did not have any pruning or trimming in the past 3 years, they are at risk of dying! Give us a call to properly assess the health of your trees!

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